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Adventure Stories of Great Writers by Dr. Usha Bande
SGD $18.00

The idea of this book germinated when Dr. Usha Bande was reading the biographies of authors like Hemingway, Melville and R. L. Stevenson to teach a course. The thrill of adventures of these writers inspired her to read more such biographies, take out some exciting episodes from their lives and rewrite them for young readers. The result is a collection of real life stories that teach us how to survive and even enjoy life’s harrowing moments. These twenty stories of seventeen young dare-devils portray their uncanny adventures, their will to survive and surmount difficulties but more than that these acquaint us with their writing skills. These young people came back home and penned down what they had experienced – brush with death, an unexpected helping hand, the thrill of being alive. They are litterateurs and their writings have earned them laurels. More here: https://kitaab.org/our-publications/


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