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The Ninth Pawn of White
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The ninth pawn is philosophical, living only at the corner of the eye as a minor startling occurrence when first conjured. It is of no consequence in the evolution of the actual game, but as other minor desires of life, it remains a snagging in the back of our minds. There are times we wish the ninth pawn existed “on our side”; there are times it seems the “other side” has unfairly inherited an army of ninth pawns. It is a matter of narrow perspectives.

The verses in this collection of short english verses spanning two to six lines are simple drops of incipient thought; incomplete emotions looking for their outlets. By themselves, they are of limited consequence, like the ninth pawn, and left to their devices, they might well merge back, un-composed, in the infinite book of unwritten verses. Their flight cannot materialize without the reader’s indulgence, and her own interpretations in metaphor of the inspired thought. They are meant to trigger introspection, images, stories, and analytic extensions of what may or may not have been implied, and if they fail in that process - which many surely will - it is the failure of the craft, not the art nor the reader.

Product Sub-title: A Book of Unwritten Verses
Author/Authors/Editors: Vijay Fafat
Description: A book of verses
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Kitaab International Pte Ltd
Language: English
ISBN Number: 978-981-11-5343-3
Publication Date: 05/11/2017 08:20:00 PM
Genre: Poetry

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